1. 14 February
    Steward Training Region 5 & 6 Vancouver BC

    Shop Steward Training – Regions 5 & 6 Vancouver BC I’m pleased to announce our Shop Steward Training Seminar open to all Chiefs and Shop Stewards in Regions 5 & 6 to be held on May 14th, 2019 at the Pinnacle Habourfront Hotel, (…)

  2. 04 February
    Government Bargaining update #3

    The Local’s bargaining team met with the Treasury Board for their third round of bargaining January 29th and 30th.  Editorial changes were agreed to as well as the inclusion of clarification language in a few articles. The employer came (…)

  3. 21 January
    Call for Proposals – NAV CANADA Bargaining

    The NAV CANADA collective agreement expires on December 31, 2019. In order to prepare for negotiations later this year, we are calling for final contract proposals from all NAV CANADA members.  Proposals must be submitted using (…)

  4. 21 January
    Chief Stewards meeting

    Brothers and Sisters The Business Manager hosted the Nav Canada Chief Shop Stewards, Eastern Business Rep, the President and myself on January 8th and 9th in order to discuss strategies for bargaining with Nav Canada later this year.  Our (…)

  5. 15 January
    An Opportunity for the Sisters of the Local

    Dr. Roberta Bondar Career Development Program for Young Women in Science and Technology

  6. 15 January
    IBEW 2019 Harley-Davidson Draw

    IBEW 2019 Harley-Davidson Draw

  7. 14 December
    IBEW First District Scholarships

    AIL and TD Insurance Meloche Monnex, in conjuction with the IBEW First District

  8. 07 December
    Government Bargaining update #2

    The Local’s bargaining team met with the Treasury Board for the second round of bargaining during the first week of December.

  9. 29 November
    President's Report - Fall 2018

    Representing the Local The annual All Canada Progress Meeting of the IBEW was held in Moncton for a week in August. Unit chairs and chief stewards from the Maritimes were present along with John Ducey (Executive Board Member - Region 1), Paul (…)

  10. 26 October
    Government Bargaining Update #1

    On October 23rd, the Local and the Treasury Board exchanged bargaining proposals to formally begin the negotiating process. The week of bargaining consisted of discovery and clarification discussions with respect to non-monetary articles of the (…)