Chief Stewards meeting

Brothers and Sisters

The Business Manager hosted the Nav Canada Chief Shop Stewards, Eastern Business Rep, the President and myself on January 8th and 9th in order to discuss strategies for bargaining with Nav Canada later this year.  Our interests were in evaluating ongoing broad issues and concerns of the group in order to help guide the local’s philosophy as we begin to prepare for the next round of negotiations.

Topics of discussion included:

- bargaining process and dispute resolution options

- ways to educate the members with regards to both of the above (site visits with info sessions, education packets, etc.)

- feedback from the previous round of bargaining

- the need for more communication, direction, and transparency from the Local’s leadership and bargaining team moving forward

- case management

- increasing the engagement and trust between the membership and the union

- current and ongoing issues that will guide our priorities going into bargaining


The local is committed to representing the membership and ensuring that all members have an opportunity to be involved and heard.  Unions demonstrate the power of standing together in solidarity, and our local stands behind you, the membership.

In Solidarity,

Meaghan Olmstead

Assistant Business Manager

IBEW Local 2228