Government Bargaining update #3

The Local’s bargaining team met with the Treasury Board for their third round of bargaining January 29th and 30th. 

Editorial changes were agreed to as well as the inclusion of clarification language in a few articles.

The employer came to the table with very little to discuss with respect to their proposals. Constructive discussions on many of the Local’s proposals were either outright declined or your Bargaining Team was informed the employer was still gather data and researching the proposals.

Your negotiating team did make presentations and supporting arguments for changes to the Sea Trials article, Sea Duty Premium, Overtime meal period payments and Vacation entitlements.

On the first day of bargaining we presented a counter offer to the employer’s previous economic proposal. The Negotiating Team’s proposal is very similar to their original proposal with respect to the overall percentage increase, however, now it includes percentage increases in each of the four years, a restructuring increment in the first and third year and a creative solution that will include retroactive payments.

It is disappointing for me and the team to say we are still very far apart from the employer in getting a fair deal. The Team will continue to work as hard as it can to get that fair deal for the membership.

We plan to meet with the employer again in early April.


In solidarity


Paul Cameron

Business Manager/Financial secretary