Nav Canada Bargaining Team Appointed

The Nav Canada National Steering Committee met in Ottawa from June 18 to 20. The purpose of the meeting was to review and discuss the proposals recommended by the regional committees in order to define the priorities of the bargaining unit for the next round of bargaining.
I would like to express my thanks to the National Steering Committee for their significant contribution. The professionalism and commitment of the group during the week was evident and resulted in a very productive meeting.
If anyone has questions about this bargaining preparation activity, I encourage you to ask the members who attended this week. I am certain they would be eager to share their experience.
Now that the steering committee process is concluded, and in consultation with the Business Manager, Paul Cameron, I am pleased to appoint the following bargaining team for the upcoming round of negotiations with the company.
Andrew Estabrooks
Donald Dionne
Ryan Saw
Liam McKenna
Daniel Petrov
Peter Mungai
Jason Heron
The bargaining team now has much work ahead of them in order to prepare for and conduct negotiations, which will commence in the fall.
In Solidarity,
Dave Cupples, CET, IntET(Canada)
President, IBEW Local 2228