Executive Board Meeting – Fall 2019

The Executive Board met recently for our regular bi-annual meeting. The week-long meeting was held in Thunder Bay during the week of September 29th where the Executive Board Representatives, Table Officers and the Business Manager were in attendance. In addition to routine business and reports, topics including the local’s affiliations, bargaining, building corporation by-laws, and local union awareness amongst our members were also discussed.
During the week we toured our members’ workplace at Thunder Bay Airport including the Flight Service Station, ATC Tower and our members’ workshop.
As is our practice, the full Executive Board minutes including all reports, records of proceeding and any motions for membership vote will be sent to the Unit Chairs for their presentation at local unit meetings in the next couple of months. I encourage you to review the report once it is made available.
The next Executive Board meeting is scheduled to be held in St. John’s, NL in spring of 2020. If any member has items they wish to see discussed by the Executive Board please forward them to your Regional Representative.
In Solidarity,
Dave Cupples