Negotiation Update #2 NAV CANADA

The Local’s negotiating team met with Nav Canada from the 9th to the 12th of December.
The employer delivered a presentation to the team regarding the financial disbursements to the IBEW membership over the past 3 years, Mark Cooper gave a presentation on the future of technology in Nav Canada and Rudy Kellar delivered a presentation on the Service Delivery Roadmap for Nav Canada.
The local delivered a presentation to the employer on the high cost of living in some of Canada’s urban centres.
Progress was made in discussions around:
- suitable accommodations
- self-funded leave
- retirement seminars
- instructor-led training
New proposals were tabled concerning
- different kinds of leave entitlements (family related and personal)
- staffing practices
- scheduling practices
The Local’s Team will be meeting with the employer the week of January 20th to continue bargaining.
Should you have any questions or concerns please send us a message at and we will set up time to connect with you. As mentioned, if we get several inquiries, we will set up a teleconference.
In Solidarity
Meaghan Olmstead
Assistant Business Manager