Negotiation Update #3

The Local’s Negotiating Team met with Nav Canada from the 20th to the 24th of January.
The Negotiating Team started the week optimistic that a tentative settlement might be possible, however, as the week progressed, we became aware that the majority of our monetary proposals required further discussion with the company.
Progress was made in discussions around a few non-monetary areas such as:
- Self-funded leave program
- Graduation Meals
- Shift Exchange-Operating Employees.
- Canadian Labour Code changes
New proposals were tabled concerning the following:
- Double time for all overtime
- An extra week of compensatory time for all members
- Unforeseen and unavoidable delays
- Parental allowance
- Days of Sharing program allowing employees access to leave with pay to work with charities.
The two most notable occurrences this week were a letter from the company concerning high-cost urban areas and an initial offer on wages.

The Letter notified the local that Nav Canada is discussing high-cost urban areas within the jurisdiction of the Nav Canada Joint Council Allowances Committee.
This initial proposal is not acceptable to your Negotiating Team and they will be working on a counter-proposal for the next round. The Local is of the opinion that the professionalism and importance of the work Technologists perform to support a world in motion is worthy of more than this initial offer.
The Local’s team will be meeting with the employer the week of February 10th to continue bargaining.
Should you have any questions or concerns please send us a message at and we will set up a time to connect with you. As mentioned, if we get several inquiries, we will set up a teleconference.
In Solidarity
Paul Cameron
Business Manager/ Financial Secretary