Tentative agreement between Local 2228 and Brookfield Power - La Lièvre

The Employer and the Bargaining Agent met during the week of January 27 to discuss the renewal of the collective agreement.
After many days of bargaining, the team reached a tentative agreement. We are very satisfied that the matter of occupational health and safety was an important issue as much for the Bargaining Agent as it was for the Employer.
- Duration of 5 years;
- Salaries will increase by approximately 12% during this period;
- Adjustments made in line with recent changes to the Québec labour standards;
- Time of rest in times of call-back more in line with fatigue management plans and occupational health and safety;
- Greater opportunity to bank overtime hours;
- Reviewed the sharing of benefit costs.
It would be remiss of me not to praise the hard work and involvement of our bargaining team members, i.e. Brother Sébastien Miron and Brother Patrick Gravel who have represented the interests of their La Lièvre colleagues with professionalism.
The members employed at La Lièvre will be invited soon to discuss the tentative agreement and to vote on it.
In Solidarity,
Michel Gaulin and Donald Dionne