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Local 2228 to discontinue issuing membership cards

Apr 15, 2010

Please take note that Local 2228 IBEW will no longer be issuing membership cards to new members.  Instead, new members will receive temporary credentials confirming their status as a member in good standing.  These temporary credentials will take the form of a letter with the member’s name and their membership number.

This change is being instituted for a few reasons.  First, new members will receive their official membership card from the International Office in Washington a few months after they receive the application for membership.  Secondly, the individually prepared and laminated membership cards are cumbersome to produce and are not officially recognized by the IBEW.

Existing membership cards will continue to be accepted at unit meetings for the foreseeable future. However, all members should ensure they have received the new membership cards issued by the International Office.  If you have not received your new plastic card, please contact the Business Office.