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Federal Government Bargaining Update

Apr 22, 2009

Federal Government Collective Agreement

A draft copy of the federal government collective agreement is now available for download. The draft copy of this agreement contains all of the changes agreed to at the negotiating table, numerous editorial changes and most of the provisions of the arbitral award.

The agreement is in draft form because our efforts to resolve the dispute in respect of the items captured by the legislation have not yet been exhausted.

Moreover, both the union and the employer also have differing views on the effective date of the arbitral award. The employer is taking the position that the effective date of the award is January 8, 2009. We believe the award is effective December 23, 2008 because section 155 of the Public Service Labour Relations Act says: “The arbitral award has affect as of the day on which it is made or … any earlier or later day that the arbitration board may determine”.

Until such a time as this is resolved I urge you to claim any benefits arising from the arbitral award or changes to the collective agreement as though they were effective December 23, 2008. If or when these benefits are denied please contact the shop steward so that a grievance can be filed and prosecuted.

In Solidarity,

Daniel J. Boulet
Business Manager / Financial Secretary
Local 2228, IBEW