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NAV CANADA reaches agreement with NASITTUQ for maintenance of ANS equipment

Sep 3, 2010

NAV CANADA signed a one-year contract with Nasittuq Corporation for some of the maintenance of ADSB and VHF radio equipment at four remote locations.  The sites are Saglek, Breevort, Dewar Lakes and Cape Dyer.  All these sites are part of the North Warning System operated by the US Air Force and the Department of National Defence.  The one-year contract took effect September 1, 2010 (the Local received its briefing on September 2, 2010).

Although this is a clear case of “contracting out”, no layoffs are expected as a result of this agreement.  According to NAV CANADA, the total amount of work represents less than one-quarter of a person year.

Furthermore, Nasittuq’s employees are unionized and covered by a collective agreement with IBEW Local 1541.  Moreover, NAV CANADA assured us that only qualified and suitably trained employees perform the required maintenance.  Nasittuq’s electronics technologists have qualifications much like yours.

I have already been in contact with Local 1541 and will work closely with Business Manager McIsaac to ensure the work is performed according to the specified standards with qualified individuals.  In particular, Local 1541 will work with us to ensure that CARS are respected and the scope of the work is not exceeded.

Although I’m never happy when our work is farmed out to other corporations, this is one case where we have some control over the work performed by the contractors.

In Solidarity,


Daniel J Boulet

Business Manager / Financial Secretary

Local 2228, IBEW