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Plans underway for electronic ratification of tentative agreement

Sep 20, 2010

Local 2228’s Executive Board (E-Board) has approved the use of an electronic vote to ratify the most recent tentative agreement between NAV CANADA and the IBEW.  An electronic vote will allow members to cast their ballot by phone or over the internet regardless of where they are in the country and at a time convenient to them.

In addition to this, the E-Board also approved a second ballot question asking members to select their preferred dispute resolution process if (and only if) the tentative agreement is not ratified.  This will ensure that the members are not caught in “negotiation limbo” (i.e. without a collective agreement and without any means to resolve the dispute).  Full details will be included in your ratification kit.

Members will receive their ratification kits by Canada Post beginning October 4, 2010.  Only members in good standing (members who have signed a membership application and paid an admission fee) are eligible to vote.

The electronic “polls” will open on October 11 at noon Eastern time.  Member will have until noon Eastern time on October 18 to cast their vote.  Results will be posted on the Union’s website before close of business on that day.