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Canadian Coast Guard cancels standby assignments for technologists

Nov 22, 2010

In an effort to reduce expenditures, the Canadian Coast Guard in some regions has cancelled standby assignments for technologists except those at the Technical Solutions Centre (TSC).  It is known that some members will respond to calls even though they are not on standby so the department is relying on all to do the same.

The department is not required to put employees on standby but members are reminded that unless they have been given notice in writing to be available, they are not required to answer calls from the department even if the department provides the telephone.  Moreover, if the employer is successful in reaching you, the requirement to respond within one hour does not apply because the employee has not been “designated for standby duty” (Article 29.02).

Beware that allowing the employer to contact you for free undermines the interests of the entire group and ultimately yours as well. Neither the employer nor the department deserves your services if they are not willing to pay for them.  I urge you to act accordingly.

In solidarity,

Daniel J Boulet
Business Manager / Financial Secretary