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Professional code of conduct now available for comment

Feb 8, 2011

The Professionalism and Ethics committee is pleased to present for your review and comment a draft Professional Code of Conduct for NAV CANADA members.   It was recently brought forward to our Executive Board and was agreed to in principal.

Maintaining high standards of work and professionalism is important to the members and the Union.  However, members often wonder what it means to be a professional.  This document attempts to answer that question.

This draft document continues on the work started many years ago by the Local’s Professional Committee.  It arose from a desire to self-regulate and self-discipline our profession. The release of this draft is only the first stage of the consultation process.

In its current form, the document is only intended to apply to NAV CANADA members.  However, it can be easily adapted to apply to federal government members as well.  The Committee would greatly appreciate comments from all sector of the Local.

Once the consultation process is complete, a final version will be presented to the E-Board for approval then proposed to members for adoption and inclusion in the Local’s policy manual.

Please forward your comments or questions to the Chair of the Professionalism and Ethics Committee at  I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Fraternally Yours,

Blaine Larsen

Executive Board Member, Region 5
Chair, Professionalism and Ethics committee