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OSH Survey Results

Jun 8, 2011

The Communication and Recognition Committee complete a review of the recent Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) survey.  The purpose of the survey was to collect information from members on Occupational Safety and Health conditions while travelling to work sites.

Although there is room for improvement, the analysis results show that our two major employers (Federal Government and NAV CANADA) are addressing most OSH issues. The majority of respondents indicated that they are familiar with OSH committees and their roles. Moreover, members indicated they had little difficulty accessing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if required.  Notwithstanding these positive results, the following concerns were identified:

  • It appears that many members drive in off-road terrain, yet few have received or been offered specialized training;
  • Members expressed concerns when travelling to un-staffed sites where travelling alone is not recommended.

The Local will continue to impress the importance of timely and satisfactory resolutions to OSH concerns to the employers.

The areas of concern that were identified, such as off-road driving training, will be brought to the attention of the employers and a suggestion to offer this training will be communicated to them, as will the other concerns above.

OSH is an important issue for the Local Union Officers and the members. We will continue to address OSH issues and concerns to the employers of members. More surveys will be conducted to continue to learn about and address members concerns to the employers - Thank you for participating in this survey and please participate in future surveys.


Kim Mikkelsen

Chair, Communications and Recognition Committee