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Federal Government Bargaining Update #4

Jul 12, 2011

Many of you have been asking questions about the progress of collective bargaining.  It’s no secret little progress is being made hence the lack of major news releases on the subject.

When I last reported to you in March I wrote about a formal request to the employer for a short term agreement which would at least give you a wage increase in line with the Expenditure Restraint Act.  To be blunt, this request was summarily rejected.  The employer insists on a four-year agreement under their terms.  This response, although disappointing is not surprising given their approach to collective bargaining thus far.

Given this response, the union then sought to confirm the issues that are not in dispute.  If we are going to move forward in this round of bargaining, we need to confirm the subjects that are not in dispute.  This too has proved to be an arduous task.  What I would consider to be a routine administrative procedure has taken several weeks to schedule and complete with this employer.

Although little progress has been made with the employer thus far, your team is prepared to meet with the employer one more time and try to break the current impasse.  We want to be sure that all possible opportunities for a settlement are properly explored and tested before we break away from the table.

I thank all members for their continued patience while your team works to ensure you get the best possible terms and conditions of work in a reasonable period of time.  The PSAC agreement on severance pay has created much anxiety in the group.  Your team is doing what it can to keep this important benefit and if that isn’t possible then at least get a fair price for it.

In solidarity,

Daniel J Boulet
Business Manager / Financial Secretary