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Leadership Tour Wraps Up

Jul 15, 2011

NAV CANADA and IBEW recently concluded its cross-country tour on leadership.  The meetings brought together managers, supervisors, shop stewards as well as senior executives in NAV CANADA and the IBEW in joint meetings to discuss NAV CANADA’s business and its approach to labour relations.  Executive Management Committee (EMC) members from Engineering, Technical Operations and Human Resources each gave their perspective on the issues facing NAV CANADA and its employees.

The next step is to compile the feedback and notes taken during these meetings to produce a report for all to read.  This will take place in the coming months.

The timing of our tour made it difficult for everyone to participate.  For this reason, NAV CANADA and IBEW are considering a “catch-up” meeting for anyone who was not able to participate thus far.

I found the tour interesting and educational.  Although I often meet with members and stewards, hearing from managers and team supervisors gave me a different perspective of the issues facing the group.  I particularly appreciated having “face time” with members of the EMC.

In closing, I wish to thank NAV CANADA for making these meetings possible.  Bringing so many people together requires considerable effort and demands a lot of resources. It was a pleasure to work with NAV CANADA on this project.

In solidarity,

Daniel J Boulet

Business Manager / Financial Secretary