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Shared Services Canada Update

Nov 18, 2011

The Local has recently been in discussions with the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM)  of Shared Services Canada (SSC) to gain a better understanding of who they are, what they are planning to do and how it may affect our members. The Local has expressed its concern with the lack of meaningful communications from the Agency and how it is causing concern from the membership.

Up to now it appears that only a small percentage of the membership will be affected and considered “in scope” with respect to the SSC guidelines. The Local made senior management at SSC very aware that our members perform highly specialized work, often in secure areas across the country.

SSC informed the Local that although some members may be notified that they are “in scope” this will not affect any of their terms and conditions of work nor will it affect the work they are performing or where they are working.

The Local and SSC will be engaging in future meetings to verify that the right positions are in fact “ in scope“ and have not been identified by virtue of a job title.

Due to being a newly created agency, SSC at the moment has limited resources for the broadcasting of information and has committed to keeping the Local informed of its plans and progress as well as the creation of its website, hopefully shortly.

Please follow these links for some background information on the agency.

In Solidarity,

Paul Cameron

Assistant Business Manager
IBEW 2228