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Proposed NAV CANADA pay scales

Dec 6, 2011

Many members have requested to know what the pay scales would look and how premiums would be calculated if the tentative agreement is ratified.  The draft pays scales are available for both the TEC-0 to TEC-3  wages and the former EL-1 to EL-3 wages

Furthermore, the non-pensionable increment at the top of the TEC-2 level attracts all benefits (overtime, premiums, etc) except pension.  For example, at the end of this contract an individual at the top of the TEC-2 level would have the following pensionable income:

Pensionable base salary:              $86,498

TCP or COMP Premium:                $4,454 (5% of $89,093)

Total Earnings:                                 $89,093 + $4,454 = $93,578

Total Pensionable Earnings:         $86,498 + $4,454 = $90,952

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Solidarity,

Daniel J Boulet
Business Manager / Financial Secretary