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Banking of Premiums - Clarification

Mar 1, 2012

NAV CANADA has brought to the Local’s attention some problems with respect to the agreement permitting employees to bank shift premiums and standby premiums as time off in lieu (code 810).

Please recall that a maximum of 37.5 hours may be accumulated in the “premium bank” as code 810.  As employees liquidate their reserves of accumulated time, they can replenish their bank to a maximum of 37.5 hours.

It is also expressly understood that requests to liquidate this accumulated time as leave may not result in any additional overtime. If the leave results in overtime, management may unilaterally decide to refuse the leave.

The Local recommends the following approach to avoid any problems and ensure you get the time off you need:

  • Use annual leave instead of the accumulate time leave if you are concerned that it may be refused;
  • Ensure you do not exceed 37.5 hours of accumulated leave under Article 25.08(c) (Code 810).

Please keep in mind that this trial arrangement is a significant benefit to members (particularly those with little annual leave).  It is in everybody’s interest to use it appropriately and in accordance with the terms of the collective agreement.

In solidarity,

Daniel J Boulet
Business Manager / Financial Secretary