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Local 2228 and Yellow Pages Group reach tentative agreement

Jun 20, 2012

After meeting 7 days face to face with YPG between April 29 and May 30 your negotiating committee reached a tentative agreement May 30, 2102

We tabled our full bargaining agenda looking for changes and improvements throughout the collective agreement with a particular focus on:

  • Changes to the compensation plan, wage progression, probationary period
  • Policies that claw back commissions from employees ( OB , CRF )
  • Work / home life balance
  • Rate of Compensation during company training


YPG tabled proposals that did not reduce collective agreement benefits; but indicated their mandate also did not include any monetary improvements and required at least a 12 months extension to the current contract.

This proposed contract offer is a 10 month extension to the current contract with changes that will increase the income of sales consultants either through the “kicker incentive”, or through redress in the CFR policy. Given the financial restructure of YPG, and the uncertain requirements of the banking community, this offer was the best achievable by the committee at this time.

Both IBEW and YPG committees will meet to discuss the compensation plan and policies during this period. Expectations are to produce agreed to proposals, or the frame work for proposals, by the time we enter negotiations again. Your committee is optimistic.

Local 2228 will be in a position to open negotiations this November 2012. By all accounts the YPG financial restructure should be complete, and we will be almost through a full cycle of the new sales channels and commission rates thereby putting us in a position to use current data.

The signed Memorandum of Intent is available on the web for your review. If you have any questions please contact me, or one of the negotiating committee members.

An electronic ratification vote will begin at 5:00 am MDT June 26 2012 and close at 10:00am MDT Friday June 29

Mike Semeniuk
Western Business Representative