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Dues Receipts for Government Members

Jun 14, 2013

In March of this year, I reported on problems producing the dues receipts and said we would take steps to ensure there would be no delays in the future.  Since then, we’ve inquired with both Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) and Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) about reporting the dues payments on your T4’s.  It seems we are only one of two unions that still produces their own receipts for income tax purposes in the federal government.

 We received a response to our inquiry and the news is mixed.  First, it is possible for PWGSC to adjust their payroll system in time for next year’s tax season.  However, they would charge the Local $78,515.40 to adjust their system.  Yes, you read it correctly.  (It is not clear whether this includes GST.)  Frankly, this amount is preposterous and nothing more than another cash grab by an employer from their own employees.

 The alternative is to wait for the full implementation of the government’s new payroll system when the dues would be recorded on the T4’s in time for the 2017 tax season.  There would be no charge for this.

 I wish I had better news for you but that is the situation as it stands today.  It’s my firm belief that the delays experienced earlier this year were an aberration and I’m working closely with our administrative staff to ensure the situation doesn’t repeat itself.

 I’ve brought this to the attention of the Executive Board for their consideration.  I encourage you to contact anyone of them or me directly if you have any questions or feedback.

 In Solidarity,

 Daniel J Boulet

Business Manager / Financial Secretary