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Federal Government Pension Plan

Jan 29, 2010

You have no doubt heard the rumours about possible changes to the federal government pension plan. To date, there is no official word from the Treasury Board to the NJC bargaining agents on the subject.  Clearly the employer is taking some time to consider their options.

Among the options being considered is the elimination of early retirement provisions.  Another option available to the employer is to immediately apply the 40/60 (employee/employer) cost sharing arrangement.  The former requires Act of Parliament whereas the later only requires Cabinet approval.

Whatever the employer considers, I can assure you that this topic is front and centre for all eighteen federal government bargaining agents.  Regardless of our size and who we may represent, we all know that your pension plan is the most important part of your benefit package.  Such a serious topic deserves a real and rational discussion and we will not shy away from this.

We intend to marshal whatever resources we need to properly advocate for your interests.  As facts become available and the discussion matures, you can count on us to stay involved and keep you informed.

In solidarity,

Daniel J Boulet
Business Manager / Financial Secretary