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President's Award - 2013

Feb 18, 2014

The President’s Award is presented annually to a member, other than a Table Officer or Executive Board member, who has contributed to the Local in the example of our first President, Brother Ed Donoghue, who gave of himself so that the Local could be born and grow.

Typically, the President’s Award recipient is a volunteer who has worked tirelessly on behalf of our members, encouraging them to come together to support each other and to hear new ideas.  The recipient is a respected workers’ advocate, and has demonstrated leadership through their many union activities, some of which may include serving on committees and leading initiatives.  The recipient has earned the respect of our members by providing service, guidance, and support to them during difficult times, all with good humour and a ready wit.   The recipient has enhanced the reputation of the Local through their leadership, persistence, and professionalism.

On behalf of the executive board, it is my pleasure to announce the recipient of the 2013 President’s Award.  Brother Patrick Bourassa has shown exceptional leadership in presiding over a large jurisdiction of members in the Gatineau area.  He has worked closely with shop stewards and other colleagues in the recent establishment of the Lac Leamy Unit.  As a volunteer chair of the Lac Leamy Unit, Brother Bourassa continues to collaborate with stewards and members in providing opportunities for them to meet and share their views.  And, I look forward to participating in future events arranged by Brother Bourassa and members of the Lac Leamy Unit.

Please join me on congratulating Brother Patrick Bourassa on this award.

Daniel E. Dawson
Local 2228 IBEW