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Government Bargaining Suspended

May 8, 2015

On Thursday, May 7 the Federal Government tabled its Budget Implementation Act, Bill C-59 (the “Act”).  The Act authorizes the Treasury Board to interfere in the collective bargaining process by giving the Treasury Board the power to “establish terms and conditions of employment related to the sick leave of employees in any particular bargaining unit and modify any such term or condition that is established during that period.”  Among other things, the Act goes on the say the Treasury Board may determine the number of hours of sick leave to which an employee is entitled as well as the maximum number of hours of unused sick leave that an employee may carry over into the next fiscal year.

This is as plain an example of bad faith bargaining as you will find anywhere.  Given this, the Local advised the Treasury Board it was not willing to meet from June 8-10 as originally planned though the negotiating team will be brought into Ottawa to review the details of the Act and for other activities related to collective bargaining.

There is little more to say at this stage.  I only hope all members have long enough memories to remember this day when the time comes to vote in the next federal election.

In solidarity,


Daniel J Boulet

Business Manager / Financial Secretary