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Business Manager's Report to the Executive - May 2015

Jul 22, 2015

Federal Government Bargaining

As noted on our website the IBEW and TBS met last January.  We hoped to have more information about the employer’s proposal on sick leave and short-term disability.  The only thing the employer was able to offer was a photocopy of a proposal given to PSAC.  It’s safe to conclude no progress was made on the main issue.  It’s become apparent that the TBS under the direction of the Minister Clement     has no intent on reaching any kind of mutually acceptable agreement.  They are bargaining to an impasse to justify the use of their legislative authority.  The team is scheduled to meet again in June.

Building Corporation News

One of the things I’ve been focusing on with the Executive Board’s assistance is considering better ways of using our real property.  The IBEW 2228 Building Corporation owns the building in which the Business Office resides as well as a parcel of land behind the office used for guest, member and employee parking.  Those of you familiar with Ottawa know that our neighbourhood is undergoing considerable renewal with property values increasing and large number of infill projects in the area.

Several proposals are being considered which include a simple renovation of the current office to create some rentable retail space to a full development of vacant parcel of land current used as parking lot.  The Executive Board is currently considering these proposals and will make a recommendation to the members at the appropriate time.  Any development will require membership approval.

Members wishing to participate in the conversation are encouraged to join our online discussion forum at  The chief goal is to maximize revenue potential of our property and reduce reliance on membership dues.

Changing of the Guard

Your Executive Board has undergone considerable renewal in the last few months.  There are several new faces around the Executive Board table.  Dave Cupples was appointed President replacing Dan Dawson.  The Region 5 Executive Board vacancy left by Dave Cupples was filled by Blaine Thomas.  The Executive Board appointed Perry Konynenbelt as Vice-President filling the vacancy created by Paul Wright’s departure.  Ryan Saw is our new Treasurer replacing Sebastien Roberto.  Finally, John Ducey becomes Region 1 Executive Board dues to a vacancy created by Stephen Wheeler’s appointment to a new bargaining unit.  Thank you to all outgoing Officers and congratulations to the income Officers.  I know they will continue the excellent work of continually improving the governance of your Union.

Office and Steward Training

The Local conducted shop steward and unit officer training programs last fall in Vancouver and Edmonton.  The programs were well attended and represented many of our smaller employers.  More training will be scheduled later this year.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel J Boulet
Business Manager / Financial Secretary