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Election 2015 - Getting out to Vote

Oct 15, 2015

There is less than a week to go to the Federal Election on Monday, October 19, 2015.  In our President Dave Cupples posting on September 25th, he hit the nail right on the head with his comments as to the attitude and actions of the present Federal Government.  If you haven't yet had the opportunity to browse the links that Dave provided, I recommend that you do so.   They are definitely an eye opener and bring attention to the road the Conservatives have put us on.  Stephen Harper told us when he got elected, that we would not recognize Canada when he was done.  He certainly has fulfilled that promise.

All the recent polls show that it remains a very tight race and it appears we are headed to a minority Government.  Polls are not real votes and will not decide the Government.  We need to ensure that we all take it to the next level and actually get out and vote.  I also encourage you to take your spouse and all eligible dependants with you to the polling station.  You should also talk to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers as to the importance of voting and correcting the road we are on.

With the passing of the Fair Elections Act (formally Bill C-23) a.k.a. Unfair Election Act, there are new requirements that need to be met by voters at the Polling Station.  It is best that all voters are aware of these requirements prior to heading out to the poles.  The following link lists these requirements.

To confirm that you are a registered voter or to register you can follow the following link.  It only takes a few minutes to complete it.

One of our members shared this story with me this morning.  He and his wife were first in line at an Advance Polling Station on Saturday.  He went through the normal identification and voted first.  The processing of his wife did not start until he had deposited his ballot in the ballot box.  We have all heard the news from the weekend about long lines at numerous Advance Polling Stations, and this just shows us that the process to vote may be longer than normal.  We all may need to patient to complete the voting process.  One of the strategies of this Government is limit the number of actual voters, thereby enhancing their chances of winning.  In the 2011 Election the Harper Government won with less than 40 % of the popular vote.

Every Vote counts.  Exercise your rights and cast yours.

In Solidarity

John Ducey

Chair Workplace Rights and Benefits Committee