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NAV CANADA 2016 Engagement results

Apr 12, 2016

Preliminary results for the 2016 NAV CANADA Engagement survey are now available for your review (English only).

This information package was delivered to members of the Executive Management Committee earlier this week. More detailed information by department will follow in the coming weeks.

I am pleased with both the response rate and the overall results.  The high response rate (greater than 80% overall) shows that you care enough about the company to give it the feedback it needs (and sometimes deserves).  The results also show that this feedback you give to management and your union representatives between surveys is helping NAV CANADA make the necessary course corrections.

Like so many other things, employee engagement is a work in progress.  And by working with your managers, shop stewards and other union representatives you have the power to effect change now and in the future.

In Solidarity,

Daniel J Boulet
Business Manager / Financial Secretary