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Notice of Unit Elections 2009

Jul 29, 2009

Unit elections will be held in October of this year, as provided for in our Local’s By-Laws, Article XIII. Nominations for Unit office will be accepted by the Unit Recorder during the Unit meeting prior to the October Unit meeting. Nominations can also be accepted by mail in September, from those members who live more than 50 miles from their Units. Nominees must clearly indicate that they are willing to accept their nomination. All members are encouraged to participate in the elections of the Officers in their respective Units, either by standing for election or by voting at the October Unit meeting.

The elections shall be decided in favour of the candidate receiving the most votes for a specific office. Elected Unit Officers include the Chair, Vice-Chair, Recorder, and an Executive Committee of 4 members. All Unit elections will close by October 31, 2009.

Over time, our Local has established many Units, because its jurisdiction covers a wide geographical area and several collective agreements. It is important that our Local’s members be given a place in their area to meet and discuss matters of mutual interest. Unit meetings provide the opportunity for members to vote on issues of national interest, as well as to generate their own issues through motions, to be voted upon nationally by all members of the Local. Unit officers are an integral part of our Local’s communications path. They are a conduit for good information exchanges between members and their Local’s officers. The important business of our Local is conducted through Unit meetings.

On behalf of the other officers of the Local, I would like to thank those of you who have previously served as a Unit officer. By volunteering for this important work, you have done much to further the interests of our members.

For more information about Unit elections, please refer to our Local’s By-Laws, Article XIII – Units.

Feel free to contact me should you have questions.


Daniel E Dawson
Local 2228, IBEW