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President’s Award - 2015

Jun 16, 2016

On behalf of the Executive Board it is my pleasure to announce the recipient of the 2015 President’s Award. Brother Donald Dionne is an activist at heart and became involved with the Local soon after being hired at NAV CANADA. He has had many volunteer positions over the years including Shop Steward, Region 2 Representative, and a member of the 2013 Negotiating Team. Donald is currently serving as a Chief Steward and a union member of the Joint Technical Committee (JTC) for NAV CANADA. Donald consistently tackles issues with a rational, analytical and honest approach while advocating for members from many points of view.

The President’s Award is presented annually to a member, other than a current Table Officer or Executive Board member, who has contributed to the Local in the example of our first President, Brother Ed Donoghue, who gave of himself so that the Local could be born and grow.

Typically, the President’s Award recipient is a volunteer who has worked tirelessly on behalf of our members, encouraging them to come together to support each other and to hear new ideas. The recipient is a respected workers’ advocate, and has demonstrated leadership through their many union activities, some of which may include serving on committees and leading initiatives. The recipient has earned the respect of our members by providing service, guidance, and support to them during difficult times, all with good humour and a ready wit. The recipient has enhanced the reputation of the Local through their leadership, persistence, and professionalism.

I wish to extend the gratitude of the Local to Brother Donald Dionne for his ongoing leadership. Please join me in congratulating him on this award.


Dave Cupples
President, IBEW Local 2228