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Phoenix pay system update

Aug 9, 2016

Members continue to reports problems with the Phoenix payroll system.  As of August 5th thirty-five members filed reports with the union regarding problems with their pay or the payroll system.

More than half the problems reported come from members in National Defence.  Fisheries and Oceans comes in a distant 2nd place with less than half that number (ten cases) followed by isolated cases in Shared Services, Industry Canada and Transport Canada.

The good news is members are receiving their base pay.  The bad news is that there are systemic problems when it comes to paying overtime and premiums.  In addition to huge delays it has come to light that the Phoenix pay system has a basic design flaw: it only records overtime in 15-minute increments whereas our collective agreement pays overtime in 6-minute increments.  My advice to members: round-up your overtime to the next 15-minute increment until the Phoenix pay system is fixed to match our collective agreement. Owing money is better than being owed.

What can you do?  Make sure PWGSC is aware of the problems with your pay.  You can do this by reporting pay problems on the government’s Phoenix feedback page then filing a similar report on the union’s survey (be sure to provide your PWGSC case number).

There are no quick fixes to any of these pay problems but we are assured that “they’re working on it”.  Let’s hope so because you deserve better.

In solidarity,

Daniel J Boulet
Business Manager / Financial Secretary