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Phoenix Pay - What can you do?

Aug 30, 2016

Thank you to all members who have brought Phoenix problems to our attention through the survey tool.  As I read the list of issues raised by members, I’m taken aback by the range of problems reported.  Here is a partial list:

  • Very long delays (in excess of 6 months in some cases) to pay overtime.
  • Inability to enter compensatory time off with the consequence of not being able to use it.
  • Promotions and acting assignments are not being entered into Phoenix for fear of having the employees’ pay stop altogether.
  • Overtime payments are occasionally split between several pay periods.
  • Acting assignments and increments not being processed in a timely fashion.

All eyes are on the compensation staff working under great pressure to fix a system that should never have been launched in in the first place.  Sadly, unless you are not receiving any pay at all, it will be sometime before someone will pay attention to your case. And the risk of your pay entitlements getting lost or forgotten increases as time goes on.  This is why I’m urging members to automatically file grievances for any compensation problems related to Phoenix.

I wrote to the Treasury Board requesting that all Phoenix related grievances be heard at the final level.  I also offered an extensions of time limits when appropriate so that the most serious cases can be resolved first.

The Public Service Labour Relations Act does not permit the union to file a grievances on behalf of an employee.  Employees must file and sign their own grievance.  Shop Stewards, Business Representatives and Business Office staff are available to assist members and authorize grievances on behalf of the union.  Members can reach a representative by sending an email to  Please be sure to include “Phoenix” in the subject line.

In solidarity,

Daniel J Boulet
Business Manager / Financial Secretary