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Next steps in Federal Government Bargaining

Aug 31, 2016

Following the decision by Federal Government members to choose binding conciliation as their preferred dispute resolution process, I met with Treasury Board officials to discuss next steps.

The binding conciliation process is similar to binding arbitration prior to the Conservative December 2015 omnibus bill (Bill C-4).  This is consistent with the government’s commitment to restore some balance in Federal Government bargaining.  However, before we can use this process, the union and the employer must meet to resolve (to the extent possible) the outstanding issues.

Our next scheduled meeting with the Treasury Board is set for November 22 to 24.  By the end of this session, we will know exactly where the employer stands on keys issues such as sick leave and wages as well as the other rollbacks they are proposing.

Updates will be posted as discussion progress.

In solidarity,

Daniel J Boulet

Business Manager / Financial Secretary