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“Right reward” discussions at NAV CANADA

Jan 26, 2017

NAV CANADA and the IBEW met for the second time near the end of the year to continue discussions for our “Right Reward” given the company’s continued financial success.

At our first meeting, we brainstormed ideas on how NAV CANADA could leverage the professionalism of our group.  We also touched on ways that performance improvements could be translated into additional compensation for IBEW members. At the most recent meeting, we dove more deeply into the framework or “charter” which would govern how productivity improvements could be translated into increased benefits for the members.

You know that NAV CANADA runs a very lean operation and our bargaining unit has contributed significantly to these efficiencies.  Similarly, you have proven yourself time and time again to be a highly professional group of technologists.  So, this is not about correcting unprofessional behaviour.

If anything is missing it is our ability to give direct feedback on the management of the operations.  Front-line workers will always have useful information normally unavailable to those making decisions. This information can lead to improved processes.  It can also help avoid costly mistakes.  Therefore, these discussions are about providing a direct line of communication to management and help further improve NAV CANADA financial position and how you can get your fair share.

Further meetings will take place in the coming weeks. Our goal is to reach an agreement in advance of formal bargaining with NAV CANADA which begins this fall.

Daniel J. Boulet
Business Manager / Financial Secretary