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Tentative agreement reached with Treasury Board

Mar 3, 2017

Your negotiating team is pleased to report that it has reached a tentative agreement with the Federal Government.  This agreement follows two days of meetings where all outstanding issues were resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.  Here are the highlights of the agreement:

  • Economic increases of 1.25% per year in a four-year contract expiring August 31, 2018.
  • Wage restructure of 2% on highest increment of all levels effective September 1, 2016.
  • Expansion of definition of family in cases of bereavement leave.
  • Improvement in maternity and parental allowances due to recent legislative changes.
  • Expanded definition of family and removal of 7.5 hour cap for most circumstances.
  • Time off for employees to attend to the needs of specially trained service animals.
  • Conversion of volunteer day to personal day and greater flexibility to access same.
  • Improvements in
    • Travel status premium,
    • Call-back meal allowances,
    • Shift premiums,
    • Standby language, and
    • Weekend meal premiums.
    • A new premium for members required to travel by helicopter.
    • Inclusion of CF Naval Electronic Schools in pedagogical break language.
    • Maintenance of existing sick leave benefits with opportunity to participate in “Employee Wellness Support Program”.
    • Various editorial changes and removal collective agreement language no longer in effect.

The complete package of changes (English only) is available here. The employer has committed to having a translation available within a few weeks.

Much of the past few days of bargaining was spent discussing wages.  Although the 2% restructuring goes part way to solving the problem, we believe that EL wages are out of step with comparably skilled and educated workers in the private sector.  To this end, the parties have entered into an agreement to study the matter further.

In closing, I want to thank the negotiating team for their hard work in the face of growing member frustration.  I believe this is a remarkable achievement when you consider the employer sat across from us without any realistic mandate for more than 2½ years.  Collective bargaining is difficult at the best of times and your team persevered through some of the worst.   They are to be commended for their service to the members.

It is now up to the members to ratify the agreement.  More information on the ratification process will follow in the coming days and weeks.

In Solidarity,

Daniel J Boulet

Business Manager / Financial Secretary