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Pay out of accumulate leave credits

Mar 24, 2017

The Treasury Board is requesting temporary relief from the requirement to liquidate various types of unused leave as of March 31, 2017. This request applies to members who have:

  • Earned but unused vacation leave in excess of 35 days;
  • Compensatory time off earned inside the headquarters area;
  • Earned but unused lieu days; or
  • Earned but unused Travel Status Leave.

The collective agreement normally requires that this unused leave be paid out in cash at the end of the vacation year. But when it comes to public service pay, nothing is normal these days. Complications with Phoenix and workload associated with pay has put the Treasury Board in a tough spot. So they are seeking an agreement that the above-mentioned leave will simply be carried over into the next vacation year. Employees will still be able to receive the cash but it will be by request and not automatic.

I considered this request and granted it for several reasons. More often than not, employees prefer to carry over leave than have it paid out. For many types of leave in our collective agreement, this is the default situation. Moreover, leave is much easier to administer than pay. A day of leave with pay can easily be taken or rescheduled. Finally, members are still able to liquidate their leave if they so choose. Given all the above, it makes more sense to grant the employer's request than deny it.

Members with questions or concerns are invited to contact the Business Office.

Daniel J Boulet
Business Manager / Financial Secretary