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National Steering Committee Appointed

May 5, 2017

It is my pleasure to appoint the National Steering Committee that will be working to refine our priorities for the next round of bargaining with Nav Canada. These members, from work locations all across the country, will be meeting in Ottawa during the week of June 12.

Region 1 – Derrick Shaffer, Paul Whelan

Region 2 – Donald Dionne

Region 3 – Cody Goudy, Tristan Smith

Region 4 – Andre Lenarcik, Cheryl Paron

Region 5 – Glen Kautz, Meaghan Olmstead

Region 6 – Joseph Toolsie

I would also like to extend my many thanks to all of the members who served on unit and region steering committees. Your work in these past weeks is very much appreciated and imperative to the success of this team.

In Solidarity,

Dave Cupples
President, IBEW Local 2228