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Highlights of Tentative Agreement with Nav Canada

Feb 8, 2018

Your negotiating team is pleased to report that it has reached a tentative agreement with Nav Canada.  This agreement follows meetings last week where all outstanding issues were resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. Here are the highlights of the agreement:

  • Economic increases  of 3%  effective January 1, 2018 and 3% January 1, 2019
  • Addition of three pay increments to the top of an ANS- TEC-0
  • Maternity leave allowance payments increased to 100% of the weekly rate of pay for 16 weeks
  • Premium increase of the Additional Responsibility premium. Changed from $10.00 to one-half times the hourly pay per shift or portion thereof.
  • Short Notice travel premium shall now apply to travel associated with training.
  • Staffing- More geographic mobility has been created by removing restrictions to applying to the same or lower positions.
  • Retirement seminars will now attended on paid time
  • Overtime and Compensatory Time off.
    • All hourly wage-based premiums may be banked as comp time
    • For leave years 2018-2019 & 2019-2020 employees at the following locations can avail themselves of an increased cap of 112.5 hours of time off in lieu of overtime;

      Airports; Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver

      Area Control Centers; Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver
  • End of career leave program- TRIAL ONLY until March 31st 2020. Employees with 28 years of service may bank up to six months of comp time to be used in their last six months of work.
  • An employee who obtains stated competency and advances to next level sooner than twelve months shall receive not less than the salary of those that progressed after the twelve-month period.
  • Suitable Accommodations- The Local and the company agree to monitor reported cases of unsuitable accommodations as define by letter dated 31 January 2018
  • Wage reopener and gain sharing articles were renewed as well.
  • Various editorial changes and removal of collective agreement language no longer in effect.

The complete package of changes is available here. The employer has committed to having a translation available shortly.

The last week of negotiations centred on refining the wage package. The team was faced with a difficult decision that could have involved significant concessions. It was felt that what was being offered for these concessions was not at a level sufficient enough to be accepted by your negotiating team. Members are encouraged to contact me or any member of the negotiating team with any questions. 
Collective bargaining is always a stressful time and I would like to commend the bargaining team for their leadership and service to the members.
The bargaining team fully recommends acceptance of this agreement.

It is now up to the membership to ratify the agreement. More information on the ratification process and ratification meeting dates and locations will follow in the coming days.

In Solidarity

Paul Cameron
Business Manager/Financial Secretary