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Region 6 – British Columbia

Greetings Technicians:

I would like to take this opportunity to inform all IBEW members that there is now a new unit that has been formed to cover the South Vancouver Island area within the Pacific Region in British Columbia. This new unit is appropriately called “South Island Unit” We would like to think of ourselves as part of the all very important conduit of information from union to member. We are very new, and learning. We have had the chance to meet only twice in our quarterly meetings; once in late September 2010, and once in early January 2011.  In time, we would also like to meet all the membership within our jurisdiction face to face. We would like to keep our meetings low key, informative and engaging.

We have not claimed a clear demark for the area we wish to cover for we feel that anyone that is island-bound should feel comfortable in knowing that we welcome them as one of our own. At this point the membership is small but it is growing. This unit is your unit; it is formed to serve your needs. In as much as this union is your union and it is here by necessity to act as a voice for all of us. To enable our unit to voice your cause you need to keep us informed as to what these needs and concerns are. We like to think of ourselves as your first step. Keep an eye on the union web site for meeting schedules and we will strive to send out email notifications to all that have volunteered contact info. If you wish to be part of the South Vancouver Island email distribution list please send us an email from a non-government email address requesting this to any of our email addresses provided below.

In summary, I'm sure that you have questions, suggestions and issues that you would like to have addressed. Accordingly, I would very much like to meet with all of you and work together to make this unit ours. I truly believe that we can make a difference here and that we will look back a few years from now and be proud of what we have achieved.

Please feel free to contact us about your concerns.

In Solidarity

Alex Wilke
South Island (Chair) 

Unit Chair:                           Alex Wilke                 
Unit Co-Chair:                    John Carauna          
Recording Secretary:        Alan Thomson