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Local 2228 has seven standing Executive Board sub-committees, who report and provide policy advice to the Local’s officers. Their mandates are as follows:

  • Transportation Safety Committee (Chair: Kirk Ali ) monitors, investigates & reports on issues affecting transportation safety as it relates to the work of our members.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Committee (Chair: Doug Pittman) oversees workplace health and safety and promotes health and safety for our members in the workplace.
  • Technological Change Committee (Chair:      ) identifies, analyzes and reports on technological changes related to our work environment.
  • Professionalism and Ethics Committee (Chair: Jeffrey Wendt) develops, promotes and monitors a professional attitude and behaviour within the membership.
  • Workplace Rights and Benefits Committee (Chair: John Ducey) monitors, investigates and reports on legislation affecting rights and benefits of members and the union.
  • Communication and Recognition Committee (Chair: ) leads internal and external communications activities. Provides opportunities for member recognition.
  • Audit Committee (Chair: Jeffrey Wendt) ensures the Business Manager has implemented an effective internal risk management and control framework. Fulfils its role on behalf of the Executive Board and makes recommendations to the Executive Board on matters in the areas of risk management, internal controls and financial reporting.