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Filing Grievances

Need to file a grievance? Not sure how to proceed? Follow this step by step process.

Step 1 – Contact your shop steward. Your shop steward is your first and most important contact. They will walk you through the grievance procedure, help investigate your complaint and meet with management on your behalf.

Step 2 – Work with your steward to understand the problem you are trying to solve. For example, are you claiming a right under the collective agreement or workplace legislation? Do you have a concern about health and safety? Are you being treated unfairly?

Step 3 – Provide all relevant information to the steward. They will need to know everything about your case to do an effective job.

Step 4 – With the assistance of the steward, put the complaint in writing on a grievance form and sign it.

Step 5 – After your grievance has been presented to management, keep your steward informed about any important developments.