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President's Report

May 2017

I am pleased to report on my major activities from the past 6 months. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

IFATSEA (International Federation of Air Transport Safety Electronics Associations)

IBEW Local 2228 is the Canadian affiliate of IFATSEA representing our Nav Canada members. It was a unique experience to attend the 2016 IFATSEA General Assembly in Abuja Nigeria. The assembly, which took place in November, was not unlike past events with respect to the conduct of business and the various committee meetings. However, the greater understanding gained in attending this assembly came from experiencing the culture and environment in Nigeria. It was eye opening for the entire LU 2228 delegation to see the living and working conditions of a part of the world of which we generally have little knowledge, and the hospitality shown by our hosts was really appreciated. The professional culture there is one based on utmost respect for authority and status both in the workplace and the greater society. The prevalent topic of discussion at the assembly was the recent ICAO general assembly and the failed attempt to have ATSEPs (Air Transport Safety Electronics Personnel, a.k.a. ANS TEC) included in ICAO Annex 1 (Personnel Licensing). We encountered inherent challenges as visitors to Abuja (including visas, transportation and the local food to name a few) but this is definitely an assembly none of us who attended will soon forget.

ITF (International Transport Workers' Federation)

The Civil Aviation Conference held in March at ITF house in London was my first opportunity to attend an ITF event. Attended by organizations representing a wide range of aviation workers from around the world, there were many issues raised of which I was previously unaware. In particular, there is a great concern in the community regarding the questionable business tactics of ultra-low-cost air carriers. While the consumer is thought to benefit from these operators being in the marketplace, they utilize dubious employment practices. Workers from markets with already established discount airlines had many suggestions including focusing on organizing rather than fighting. It was interesting to get a new perspective on how we fit into the rest of the aviation industry as a whole.

Eastern Business Representative Michel Gaulin and I both travelled to the UK for the event and while there we also arranged for a tour of the NATS ATC facility in Swanwick. The centre there controls enroute traffic for England and Wales as well as terminal control for the London area. I'd like to extend our thanks to Ged Donnelly who arranged and conducted our tour and the ATSEPs and staff we met at Swanwick Centre. It was a pleasure to learn about their operations and working conditions at UK NATS.

NAV CANADA Bargaining Preparation

The collective agreement with Nav Canada expires at the end of 2017 which means our preparation process began several months ago. Region Reps organized Unit and Region steering committees across the country through the spring. They worked to evaluate proposal submissions and make recommendations. The next step is for the national steering committee to create the final priorities which will ultimately be discussed with the company in bargaining. I will be meeting with the national steering committee along with the business manager and other business rep staff during the week of June 12. Further work will also undoubtedly be required before we serve notice to bargain in September.

As a reminder, all members have the continual ability to record their proposal ideas and issues using the Bargaining Proposal Manager accessed via the local's website. Items related to collective agreements, benefits or workplace programs can all be reported on the BPM. As issues arise or thoughts come to mind please use the BPM tool to record them before details are forgotten.

Comings and Goings

I would like to express my appreciation to Daniel Boulet for his extraordinary service to the local in his 12 years as Business Manager and the many other years is his various other leadership roles with the union. I believe the local has truly benefitted from his leadership and many initiatives during his tenure. I very much appreciated his leadership and mentorship as I became involved with the local and I wish him all the best in his well-deserved retirement.

I also look forward to working with the new business manager upon the conclusion of the current national election. All members should be urged to read the candidate information and vote for whom they think has the experience and is best equipped to lead Local 2228 moving forward.

In Solidarity

Dave Cupples

IBEW Local 2228