Local 2228 is regulated by several policy documents. The IBEW Constitution sets out the rules for all Local Unions and their Officers. Our by-laws specify how Local 2228 operates, including the frequency of elections, our regional structure, and the salaries of the Business Manager and Assistant Business Managers. Our policy manual is a collection of policy statements approved by the members covering a wide range of topics.

Employers are encouraged to read our “Employer’s Guide to IBEW 2228” for a broader understanding of our structure, operations and labour relations philosophy.

Business Office Staff

Paul Cameron Business Manager / Financial Secretary 613-725-3608, ext 222 or 1-800-267-4163
Meaghan Olmstead Assistant Business Manager 613-725-3608 ext 232 or 1-800-267-4163
Michel Gaulin Eastern Business Representative
Glen Kautz Western Business Representative
Aryane Bertrand-Lavigne Office Manager / Executive Assistant 1-800-267-4163 613-725-3608, ext 221 IBEW Local 2228
Christine Goyer Assistant Financial Secretary 613-725-3608 ext 226