1. 23 November
    Nav Canada Imposes Further layoffs

    IBEW LU 2228 regrets that Nav Canada has decided to impose further layoffs before completing the seniority bumping process for the original group of surplus employees.  The new group of surplus employees will be added to the existing process (…)

  2. 13 November
    LU2228 Step-Up Sponsorship Program – continued through 2021

    The year-long trial of this program has concluded and has been found to be a success. Therefore, the National Officers are pleased to announce the extension of this program, aimed at supporting our members who step-up and invest in their community, (…)

  3. 09 November
    Nav Canada Surplus Deadline Update

    Due to several delays in discussions with Nav Canada regarding priority staffing, seniority and bumping provisions, the Local has requested that the company extend the current surplus deadline into the new year. Nav Canada has agreed to extend the (…)

  4. 13 October
    Economic Relief Vote Results

    VOTE RESULTS Question 1 (Ballot 1) Yes - 210 No- 348 Based on the vote results of 62.3% of the voting membership voting NO to Question 1, the results of Question 2 are irrelevant.  (…)

  5. 08 October
    Nav Canada – Voting Clarification

    This pertains to the current vote underway by members at Nav Canada regarding the question of economic relief to the company.   There has been some concern and confusion regarding the voting process as relates to abstaining from answering a (…)

  6. 29 September
    Nav Canada Economic Relief Update

    The Local has been in discussions with Nav Canada over the past week in an attempt to come to an understanding of what the expiration of the Letter of understanding means and what the company is looking for in terms of economic relief.   The (…)

  7. 22 September
    Nav Canada Imposes Layoffs

    IBEW Local Union 2228 deeply regrets that several of its members are among the layoffs announced by Nav Canada today. Employees represented by LU 2228 at Nav Canada, Canada’s sole Air Navigation Service Provider, maintain critical aviation (…)

  8. 18 September
    Nav Canada Wage Deferral Discussions Ongoing

    The Local continues to meet with the Executives of Nav Canada regularly to further discuss the wage deferral Letter of Understanding. Any proposed changes to your negotiated entitlements will be put to the membership for a vote to determine the (…)

  9. 01 September
    Nav Canada Calls on Unions to Resume Agreement Implementation Delay Talks

    In late April 2020, the Local entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU ) with Nav Canada that allowed for the delay of implementation of the recently ratified collective agreement in an attempt to give the employer some economic relief due to (…)

  10. 31 August
    The annual general meeting of the IBEW Local 2228 Building Corporation

    The annual general meeting of the IBEW Local 2228 Building Corporation will be held on Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 at 11 a.m. EDT. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the meeting will be held virtually via the Zoom platform. If you would like to submit an (…)