Tentative Agreement with Yellow Pages

I am pleased to announce that a new tentative agreement between the IBEW LU 2228 and Yellow Pages was reached on April 22, 2022.   

The new agreement is a four-year contract starting January 1st, 2022 and ending December 31st, 2025.

The Union’s bargaining team was made aware of the membership’s desire to discuss cost of living increases as well as travel entitlements.  However, because those entitlements are part of the employer’s policies and not part of the Collective Agreement, those specific proposals were not able to be discussed with the employer at the bargaining table.  However, your negotiating team communicated those issues very clearly to the employer, and we feel that the proposed Collective Agreement captures as much of the mandate given by the membership as possible.

Throughout the negotiations it became clear that the employer’s main priorities were to craft language clarifying Average Daily Earnings (ADE) and how ADE is applied to the various types of leave in your agreement, and an expansion of the Yellow Pages operation in the Alberta marketplace.

I would like to thank the Yellow Pages negotiating Team for meeting with us and working towards an agreement.

I would also like to thank the Union bargaining Committee for their valuable input to the negotiation process and for their efforts to arrive at an agreement that meets member expectations. Your bargaining team did an exceptional job at communicating the concerns and desires of the membership and held firm in the face of difficult discussions throughout the negotiations.

Members’ meeting and ratification details will be forwarded in the next few days.


In solidarity,

Glen Kautz

Western Business Representative