IBEW Local 2228 Step-Up Sponsorship Program - Extended

The National Officers are pleased to announce the extension of this program, aimed at supporting our members who step-up and invest in their community.
We have received much positive feedback on this program and so far consider it a success. In order to fully evaluate it, the Executive Board has decided to extend it until the fall.
During the initial trial of this program over this past winter, 23 requests for funding were granted to members active in their communities. A total of $8400 was paid to non-profit and charity organisations. A complete list of recipients will be available in the Executive Board meeting minutes from Spring 2020. The list of recipients from the program extension will be published in the fall minutes.
Beginning immediately members can again apply online for small funding grants from the local in order to support groups, charities or other non-profit organisations or events in their community. If you volunteer, coach, participate, fund raise, or are otherwise involved in a worthwhile activity, you likely qualify.
The program now ends on 30 September 2020 or when the approved total funding of $10000 has been paid to successful applicants. The Executive Board will evaluate the program at our next fall meeting and determine if it is viable to continue in the future, and what if any changes may be required.
Further details and the online application form can be found at the link below. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact me.
Supporting members is what the union is all about. I’m very pleased to announce the continuation of this program to do just that.
In Solidarity,
Dave Cupples
President, IBEW Local 2228