LU2228 Step-Up Sponsorship Program – continued through 2021

The year-long trial of this program has concluded and has been found to be a success. Therefore, the National Officers are pleased to announce the extension of this program, aimed at supporting our members who step-up and invest in their community, through the end of 2021.
Beginning immediately members can again apply online for small funding grants from the local in order to support groups, charities or other non-profit organisations or events in their community. If you volunteer, coach, participate, fund raise, or are otherwise involved in a worthwhile activity, you likely qualify.
The program will now be renewed on an annual basis with funding for each year to be determined at each fall Executive Board meeting. Based on the usage of the program to date, a total of $15000 has been approved for the period ending 31 Dec 2021.
Further details and the online application form can be found at the link below. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact me.
The trial of this program over this past year provided funding for 26 requests to members active in their communities with a total of $9800 being paid to non-profit and charity organisations. A complete list of recipients will be available in the Executive Board meeting minutes from Spring and Fall of 2020. The list of recipients will be published in the Executive Board minutes moving forward.
I’m very pleased to announce the continuation of this program to support our members and their local efforts.
In Solidarity,
Dave Cupples
President, IBEW Local 2228