Nav Canada Update

Dear Members,

At this time, the local would like to provide information regarding the LOU that has been signed with the company to provide clarification around the displacement provisions in the Collective Agreement.

The highlights of the LOU are as follows:

1- Regions will be defined as FIRs, except for members working in the Ottawa area locations which will be considered its own distinct “Eastern” region for    purposes of bumping. This will include Head Office, TSC, C-ANS, Logistics Centre and the Nav Centre.  Members working in the Eastern region will not be      required to bump into their hiring regions if they were not hired in the Ottawa region.

2- The affected Flight Operations members will be exercising their bumping rights in the Eastern Region.

3- If an employee would be bumping into a position that has language requirements that the employee does not meet, that employee shall bump the next    most senior position for which they do meet the language requirements while respecting the seniority requirements. (i.e- they must have more seniority      than the person they are displacing.)

4- Surplus employees will be offered, in order of seniority, a single position and they will have 3 calendar days to make their final decision. On a case-by-    case basis the member may be given up to 7 calendar days to respond if there are extenuating circumstances.

5- If a surplus employee bumps into a lower-level position, their salary will be green circled.

6- If this process is not completed by the surplus date of Jan 15th, the surplus employees will be kept on payroll until they have had the opportunity to        utilize their bumping rights as applicable.

7- All other provisions remain as they are outlined in the collective agreement.

8- This agreement is valid until March 31st of this year.

The local feels that this agreement best represents the interests of the membership at large currently. While workforce adjustments are not something that anyone wants, the local has successfully been able to stand firm in talks with the company on topics such as ensuring that green-circling was respected and that other restrictions were not levied against the surplus employees which could prevent them from utilizing their entitlements. The local feels that, given the circumstances, the best possible scenario has been captured in this LOU.

The local would like to thank the membership for their ongoing patience and understanding as this agreement was worked out.  This process has not been a straightforward one and has highlighted some areas in our collective agreement that will need to be clarified on a more permanent basis in the next round of bargaining. 

As the company will oversee notifications to the affected employees, the local will continue to monitor and assess how this process is applied moving forward.  If there are questions or concerns with how this LOU is being applied, as always, the business office is available to assist and answer questions as they arise.

In solidarity,

The Business Office of IBEW LU 2228