Call for Nominations to International Convention

The call for nominations to attend the IBEW International Convention is now open.  The Convention will be held in Chicago, IL from August 30 to September 3, 2021.

Local 2228’s current membership sits between 1626 and 2125.  As such it is entitled to send seven (7) delegates to the International Convention.  Article VII, Sec. 3 of Local 2228’s Bylaws specify the Business Manager and the President of the Local shall, by virtue of their offices, serve as delegates to the International Convention. Thus, we will elect 5 members to join the President and Business Manager.

The IBEW Constitution (Article II, Sec. 10) requires that no member shall be nominated as a delegate or alternate unless they are present or signify their willingness in writing, nor shall they be eligible to be a delegate or an alternate unless in continuous good standing in their L.U. at least twenty-four (24) months immediately prior to the nomination.  In accordance with this requirement, all nominations (and the candidate’s proof of willingness) shall be delivered to the Recording Secretary at following address:

John Mahoney
8 Williams Place
Gander, NL  A1V0A7

or by email to (scanned PDF only).  Both must be received by March 26, 2021. To further assist the process, you may submit nominations and acceptances together using the following nomination form.

All candidates have the option of providing a resume of their union activities.  And if the Recording Secretary receives this material by March 26, 2021, it will be included with the ballot kit as a fact sheet.

The election will take place in April and completed by April 30.  It will be conducted by secret ballot per the election procedures contained within our Bylaws and Policy Manual. The election of delegates and alternates shall be decided by those receiving the most votes.  In the event of a tie for the 5th position then that position will be decided by the tossing of a coin.

Further information will follow in the coming weeks.


John Mahoney
Recording Secretary
Local 2228, IBEW