Nav Canada sends IBEW second economic relief request in exchange for limited employment security.

Dear Local 2228 members,

Nav Canada has sent a second request for economic relief to the Local. Unlike the previous request this one has a no layoff provision until the end of 2022. The company’s request is a trade off of wage increases over the short term in exchange for a temporary moratorium on involuntary layoffs. Discussions are ongoing and remain very fluid therefore other scenarios may materialize in the coming week(s).

This request also contains an opt out clause that can be triggered by either party. Invoking the opt out clause after agreeing to economic relief would initiate involuntary layoffs and the rolled back wage increases would be reinstated.

Once we have a complete and final Letter of Understanding the details will be sent to your Nav Canada email for review prior to asking you to vote.

In order to facilitate a timely vote on the matter we will be utilizing the company’s email to send you the hyperlink to a third-party provider so you can cast your ballot. Ballots can also be cast by telephone.

Given that this request will impact the membership as a whole in some form the Local is obliged to engage the membership for a ratification vote. A decision of this magnitude cannot be made in isolation.


In Solidarity

Paul Cameron
Business Manager/ Financial Secretary